Lori Ann Ferreri: Q&A with Above Yoga Instructor


We’re excited to introduce Lori Ann Ferreri, YOGA INSTRUCTOR FOR OUR UPCOMING Above Yoga Retreat.

Lori Ann will be joining us for our Summer 2019 Retreat, bringing a yoga program that will enhance the incredible safari and beach experience and facilitate deep connections to oneself and to Tanzania.

Lori Ann comes to us from New York City, where she has years of experience teaching at Modo Yoga NYC, as well as events for Daybreaker, Lululemon, and other brands. We’re excited to have her passion for yoga and meditation at the forefront of the retreat.

Read OUR Q&A with Lori Ann, and learn about her passion for yoga, connection, and responsible travel.


+ Why did you decide to join Above Safaris for this retreat?

I believe in what Above Safaris is doing. By creating sustainable community driven experiences, we have the opportunity to use travel as a catalyst for change.

+ What do you expect out of an Above Yoga Retreat?

This will be my first experience in Tanzania with Above Safaris. I expect to experience a profound connection with Mother Nature, the local community and the group of likeminded travelers as we use our yoga practice to experience this once in a lifetime journey.

+ What is your favorite aspect of yoga + meditation?

As a practitioner, to connect to that deep place of quiet reminding me I am here. As a teacher, to have the opportunity to hold space for my students to connect with themselves on a deeper level. When you see a student connect with their body, maybe for the first time, you see how it changes how they move through the world. To me, it is my service to create space to connect.


+ How will the yoga experience in Tanzania be unique?

It’s not everyday that you have the opportunity to practice yoga fully immersed in raw, unfiltered nature.

+ How do you personalize your yoga + meditation sessions to each skill level?

My classes are accessible to all levels. I move through every practice asking you to listen to what your body needs and to honor that. My intention is for you to find a deeper connection with yourself and the space around you.

+ Why is it important for yoga retreats to promote responsibility and sustainability?

Because mindfulness is integral to one’s yoga practice. Travel is one of the largest industries in the world, and unfortunately much of it can be extractive of the communities and ecosystems we come to connect with. We have the opportunity, and I think responsibility, to use travel as an impetus for connection, consciousness and understanding.

Photo Cred: Andrew Rauner @Ajrphotos

Photo Cred: Andrew Rauner @Ajrphotos


+ Why would you recommend an Above Yoga Retreat?

I think this is going to be a trip of a lifetime. I am building a yoga program to enhance the entire experience of the journey with a wonderful group of conscious travelers. We will use yoga and meditation as a way to connect deep to ourselves and the space around us to elevate the experience of the safari and just have a great time!

+ What would you tell someone considering joining the retreat?

Dive in. This will be a trip of a lifetime!


Want to learn more about Lori Ann? Check out her website, or follow her on Instagram.



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